Hargamesin, jualmesin, distributormesin, carimesin, AlatUji Laboratorium, mesinplastik, pengolahankaret, DaurUlang, Pertanian, Printing, Tekstil, karetLatex
Hargamesin, jualmesin, distributormesin, carimesin, AlatUji Laboratorium, mesinplastik, pengolahankaret, DaurUlang, Pertanian, Printing, Tekstil, karetLatex
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Hargamesin, jualmesin, distributormesin, carimesin, AlatUji Laboratorium, mesinplastik, pengolahankaret, DaurUlang, Pertanian, Printing, Tekstil, karetLatex Electro Chlorination System Package

Electro Chlorination System Package

MODEL : 200 gram Cl²/Hour

Chlorine production / operation demand : 200 gram Cl²/Hour
Daily output  : 4000~4800 g. Cl²/H
Water consumption : < 40 L/H
Water supply for the system  : ± 0.5 m³/hour with pressure: 2 ~3 bar
Salt consumption : < 720 g/H
Power consumption / voltage / phase / freq. : < 0.9 kWh / 220 VAC / 1PH / 50 Hz / 380 VAC / 3PH / 50 Hz (optional)
Chlorine concentration : 5000 ~ 7000 ppm (0.5% to 0.7%) (5 Cl²/L - 7 Cl²/L)
Pressure requirements : 2 ~ 3 bar
IP rating list : IP32 / IP55 / IP65 and above


1 Unit Product tank (100% Sodium Hypochlorite)
1 Set Water softener
1 Unit Brine tank (100% Salt Saturation)
1~2 Set NaOCl Injection pump (Ejector) System
1 Set Pressure filter


The package system equipped with control panel SIEMENS  S7-200-SMART PLC which able to show the operational mode, status and also has self-detection sensor, such as:

Hydrogen & Product Discharge Monitoring has a sensor installed on the hydrogen gas & product discharge pipe to detect if there is a hydrogen gas & product blockage.

The system will stop operating if the hydrogen gas & product exhaust pipe is not discharged continuously.

Equipped with HMI (Human Machine Interface) touch screen controller 7” display. It will detect and will be display / measurement of the product temperature on the screen, Current, Voltage, Product tank level and percentage of the system capacity.

The system has an easy operation for maintenance/repair, consisting of an open module or even with horizontal cell arrangement.

The system has conductivity meter to checking, ensure concentration and monitoring the water flow, salt water flow from the brine concentration into electrolyze .

The system has automatic surface control for water filling into the Salt Water tank.

The system has anti-rust stand-alone part with a frame and also the system is wall mounted structure for easy installation, easy to move and operation.

The electrodes is designed in PPE (Parallel Plates Electrodes) for long duration of use and very stable electrodes with a special coating to achieve optimal efficiency.  Non-separable electrode plates (cells) is designed to generate available chlorine equivalent or min. 200 g. Cl²/H.


The equipment has safety feature;

The system has safety feature such as interlock function against by-products (hydrogen gas H2/hydrogen gas detector) to shut down the system.

Accumulation of hydrogen gas in the pipe leading to the hypochlorite product storage tank and hydrogen gas accumulation in the hypochlorite product tank are not allowed.

Equipped with horizontal hydrogen Separator thinning system which is integrated directly with the cell electrode & in the real time hydrogen gas (H2) is discharged (discarded) into the free air (atmosphere) after being produced.

The system control will display an error code / description of the error / trouble shooting.

The system will stop automatically if there is an error occurs / system failure.

The system has electrolysis cell current and voltage monitoring, so the system will stop operating if the cell current and voltage do not match with the settings.

The system monitor will stop operating if the product temperature is higher than the preset temperature setting.

The system has sensor to detect hydrogen gas and interlock with package system on/off.

The system has automatic surface control for production (NaOCl) in disinfectant storage tank and has automatic turn on and turn off in subject to product tank level.

For example:
when it reaches the max. surface line, the entire system will turn off and will be turn on again when the volume is reduced.


Electro Chlorination cell materials;

Cell Anode and Cell Cathode is coated by Platinum Oxide

Cell Anode and Cell Cathode is made of Titanium ASTM B 338 Gr. 2.

Connectors are 99.9%  electrolytic copper



1. Product tank

Production Tank / Product Storage Tank (100% Sodium Hypochlorite)
Quantity :  1 unit
Tank material :  PE (Polyethylene) (chemical resistant).
Tank capacity :  min. 200 liter.
Equipped with :  1 overflow outlet & 1 outlet at the bottom.

2. Water softener

Quantity :  1 Set
Capacity :  min. 4 m³/h (Flow rate operation for 200 g. Cl²/H usually 25 L/h)
Initial pre-pressure :  min. 2.5 bar / max. 4 bar
Pipe connection :  1 inch”
Microprocessor :  LED Display
Working systematic :
- Works automatically, complete with residual thickness monitoring device (<0.1 dH).
- Water Softener able to do backwash automatically or manually.         

 - Able to stored parameter settings.

3. Brine Tank

Brine tank (100% Salt Saturation)
Quantity :  1 unit
Tank material : PE (Polyethylene) & chemical resistant.
Equipped with : salt water tank 1 unit.
Design pressure : 101.98 KpA
Tank capacity : min. 200 liter.
Working systematic : 
- The water separated into two stream, one to salt saturator tank for salt saturation process, the other stream goes to diluted process for saturated brine and delivered into diluted brine tank.
-  The top of the tank is open for saturation of the brine solution for each electro chlorination system.

Brine Pump

Capacity : min. 9 L/hour (Flow rate operation for saturated brine pump usually 3.2 L/h)
Pressure : min. 1.5 bar
Frequency : 50Hz
Insulation class / IP : F / IP55
Operational Control : Fully automatic, (connected to the main controller system)
Material (wet end) : PVDF/PP/PE/Teflon
Casing material : Chemical resistant
Working systematic : 
- Integrated brine pump (peristaltic pump with stepper motor).
- Status can be monitored by the main control panel.
- supplying brine solution to the electrolyzer.

4. NaOCl Injection pump (Ejector) System

NaOCl (Sodium Hypochlorite) Injection pump (Ejector) System
Quantity : 1~2 Set
Working systematic : NaOCl Ejector System serves to supply / injection pump into the clean water / before the clean water reservoir for positive pressure dosing  / according to the following needs or according to the required dose (ppm).
Insulation class / IP : F / IP55

5. Pressure Filter

Inline – Filtration System
Quantity : 1 Set
Flow rate : min 0.5 – 4.0 m³ / hour
Pressure : 2 ~ 5 bar
Screen size : 5µ
Working systematic : 
- Capable to filter all the dirt, deposits / particles in the water and able to clean manually (easy operation).
- Pressure gauges are attached to the inlet and outlet of the filter.

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